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Death of the Growler

It used to be that collecting growlers from all of your favorite breweries was a fun thing to do. In fact, I had a shelf dedicated to all of my favorite breweries. Some states only allow breweries to fill growlers from their specific brewery, therefore everyone had a collection of growlers from their chosen breweries.

How to Prepare Your Brewery for Black Friday

black friday sign on wood wallIn early November I was surprised at the amount of Christmas decorations everywhere. I even saw a mall Christmas tree one week before Halloween! Despite the hectic feel and busyness of the season, it is still one of my favorite times of year.

The Overnight Switch From Glass to Cans in Craft Brewing

View from the Trenches Header_w boxI'm starting a new series on my blog called View From the Trenches. It will be more journal-like in that I will share personal thoughts and observations from the field and discuss cultural shifts and trends.


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