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Getting the Most out of QuickBooks for Your Craft Brewery

Beverage Business Builders has over 12 years of experience advising brewery and distillery clients in QuickBooks, and helping them to get the most out of their version. Mary Brettmann is a Diamond-level ProAdvisor and an Intuit Preferred Reseller. She has access to the best and brightest in the Intuit universe and will share that knowledge with craft brewery owners in order to maximize their success with the software. 

Whether you are stuck on an area in the software, or simply want to grow successfully into your version of QuickBooks, we can take you to the next level.

QuickBooks for the Craft Beer Industry

With millions of installations, QuickBooks is clearly the dominant software in the marketplace. Intuit did a great job making the software easy to use and scalable. This is very true for the beverage industry. Almost all companies start with QuickBooks Online (QBO). It is simple to start and doesn’t require a server to get started.  Once the craft beer company has established its footing, you will want to start tracking inventory. This includes multiple warehouses and lot tracking. QuickBooks Enterprise (Platinum edition) is a great way to learn materials tracking on a forgiving platform.  It will allow you to grow into true manufacturing processes while keeping things easy for the staff. Beverage Business Builders will walk you through inventory tracking in QuickBooks and ensure you are on the right track, from the beginning. 

QuickBooks Online (QBO)

QuickBooks OnlineMany companies choose QBO when they are first getting started. The program is very easy to implement for your brewery, and you don't have to invest in a lot of computer infrastructure. The automatic bank and credit card downloads make reconciliation a snap. You can work anywhere, because the company file is in the cloud. The downside is that QBO does not track inventory or multiple locations and lots. When you are ready to move up, then you will be ready for QuickBooks Enterprise.


QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES)

QuickBooks Enterprise for BreweriesIntuit packs a whole lot of features into one software. With the purchase of the Platinum edition, you can track multiple warehouses (even track every tank in your cellar!), lots (whether it be raw materials, work-in-process, or finished goods). Need to do a recall? That is simple in QBES using the "Transaction List by Lot Number." You can automate your payroll either in the software or upload a journal entry. With some configuration, you can upload your taproom sales directly into QBES. Additionally, you can calculate the true cost of your product by adding labor and overhead to each part of the manufacturing process. Beverage Business Builders will empower you to understand and maximize the potential of QBES.





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