CFO Toolkit

Welcome to the Brewery CFO Toolkit

Mary Brettmann developed the Brewery CFO Toolkit as a set of concepts and ideas that will help you to establish and grow a strong set of books. Our method of accounting for business activity has wide-reaching ramifications. It is important to have as much knowledge as early as possible so that you can build the right system for your company. No two companies are alike so, therefore, no two systems will be alike. This toolkit grew out of a webinar that Mary presented, which was hosted by the Craft Beer Attorney.
The 10-page Brewery CFO Toolkit is formatted as an eBook covers the following topics:
One Book, Many Masters
Cash Forecasting
Standard GAAP Reporting
Who Are Your Readers and What Do They Expect?
Accounting and Tax Concepts
Timeline of Accounting Milestones
Tax Laws
Accounting Method
Keeping Everything on a Schedule
How to Choose the Right Computer System
What is the Next Step?


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