California Partial Manufacturing Sales and Use Tax Exemption

Every state has different sales tax law, which makes it challenging as a brewery owner to ensure you are in compliance with the rules and regulations of each state. Adding to that, states view manufacturing sales tax in different ways. One of the ways that legislatures believe that they can help grow the economy is to lower taxes for manufacturers. So it’s quite common to exempt sales tax from the large equipment (brew house, tanks, etc.) that builds a brewery.

Three Things You Should Know About the New Tax Law if You Own a Brewery

There were a whole lot of changes in the tax bill signed into law last December. Because of the new law, there are some wholesale changes for 2018. Breweries are not exempt from changes, the new tax bill affects many areas of brewery life. I’ve highlighted a few below.

How to Make Better Business Decisions Using U.S. Brewery Density Stats

Lately, it seems that everyone is talking about the slowdown in craft beer. The areas open to new breweries are shrinking on a daily basis. The greater number of breweries in a given area, the harder it is to standout in the crowd.


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