Success Story: Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey

GwenCollectingBarrelSamples2.jpgLong known for excellent beer, Port Brewing LLC, wanted to take the next step with QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES). Tomme Arthur and their brewers have the brewing process down, making excellent beer after excellent beer. They wanted to shorten the time needed to order materials and to understand where things were. Inventory management required a whole lot of brewer time counting and recounting. It seemed like they were spending a whole lot of time and effort just trying to understand what they had in stock, in each vessel and cooler. 

Beverage Business Builders knew that adding the features of the Platinum Edition to their already running QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES) would really make a difference.  Adding lot tracking and multiple warehouses, allowed the brewing staff to quickly understand what they have and what they need to order.  The report “Inventory by Stock Status” was customized by malt and hops, allowing the lead brewer quick and easy access to malt and hop inventory.  Ordering is a breeze as everything that he needs to know is at his finger-tips.  There is no need to go back to the warehouse and wonder what they actually have.  Now the brewers can go back to what they do best: brewing fantastic beer.

Like most breweries, as time went on, Port Brewing grew into more and more spaces, and inventory was located in several buildings.  Understanding what is in each building really helps everyone to understand what is where without walking over to the next building and looking. Now with the opening of their 2nd tasting room (“The Confessional”), it is twice as important to know what they have and where. 

The Lost Abbey is known for their barrel-aged beers.  QBES helps them understand what kind of beer they have in which kind of barrel and how long it has been aging.  Bill Assembly documents can be used to track each and every step of the brewing process.

As with most breweries, there is never enough beer to satisfy demand.  QBES helps with the allocation of beer.  Everyone wants to get their hands on a highly anticipated seasonal release.  Using an allocated warehouse, that highly sought after beer is safely set aside until it is ready to allocate to sales orders.

Lot tracking in the tasting room has been invaluable.  It allows everyone to understand the freshness of the beer on tap.  Using the data from their point of sale solution, QBES keeps track of tasting room beer (pints and packaged goods) as well as merchandise.  It is important to track loss, even in the tasting room.  Effective inventory practice can help you run the tasting room. 

QBES is truly a one-stop solution for accounting and manufacturing needs.

lost-abbey-success-story_1.png“QuickBooks Enterprise allows everyone in the brewery to know what we have and what we need.  ” --Tomme Arthur, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Owner, Port Brewing LLC.   

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