Success Story: Bottle Logic Brewing

bottlelogic.pngAll growing breweries share the same problem. They need to know what they have and what it costs to brew beer. Bottle Logic is a small and rapidly growing brewery located in Anaheim, CA. They could not keep all of the components of inventory straight. It seemed like they were spending a whole lot of time and effort just trying to understand what they had in stock, in each vessel and in the cooler.

Beverage Business Builders knew that there was a simple, yet elegant solution... QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES). Using the platinum edition of the software, Bottle Logic was able to track inventory by lots and brews AND understand what was where. Using the purchase order function, they are able to send purchase orders via email to their suppliers. Once the material is received, it is lot coded and assigned to the raw material warehouse. Brew day is a breeze as malt and hop lot numbers are entered on the brew sheet. Back in QBES, a bill assembly creates the green beer using material lot numbers and coding it by brew number. QBES follows the brew along the pathway from green to dry hop to brite beer.

On packaging day, the finished good is tracked by brew number and sent to the cooler waiting for delivery. Sales inventory tracking is very important to understanding customer demand for the beer. The sales order function allocates beer to the customer. Once the beer is delivered to the customer, an invoice removes it from inventory by lot number. Now Bottle Logic can keep track of inventory at each stage of the process.

The tasting room has its own unique challenges. QBES keeps track of tasting room beer (pints and packaged goods) as well as merchandise. It is important to track loss even into the tasting room. Effective inventory practice can help you run the tasting room. QBES is truly a one-stop solution for accounting and manufacturing needs.

bottle-logic-success-story_0.png“I wish that I had met Mary when we were setting up the brewery. We spent a whole bunch of time and effort setting things up that could have been avoided if we knew how to correctly set up the brewery from the beginning.”  -- Steve Napolitano, President Bottle Logic Brewing

“After using QuickBooks Enterprise for a month, I don’t remember how to do things any differently.” –Lucy Napolitano, Office Manager.


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