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Craft Brewing Accounting Simplified

Whether you are an already existing brewery or one in planning, join Mary Brettmann from Beverage Business Builders as she breaks down the foundation needed to build a strong accounting system.

California Feb 16, 2016
Managing Your Inventory and Production to Ensure Financial Success

Our Goals: understand the basics of inventory, know where to get started, and showcase cool tools for inventory and production.

California May 16, 2016
Financing/Growing Your Brewery

How much capital do you need to survive? What’s the best corporate structure to protect you from liability while attracting investors? What are reasonable growth goals for a new brewery?

California Mar 12, 2017
Brewery Start Up II: The Business Plan - Financial Essentials

San Diego State University's Business of Craft Beer program reflects the explosive growth of the craft beer industry in San Diego, the current Craft Beer Capital of the U.S.  Mary is speaking in week 2.  She will be focusing upon the essentials of accounting and finance.

California Apr 27, 2017
Business Advice to the Craft Brewer

So you brew great beer? Do you know what it costs to produce, how to manage/order ingredients, and price for different distribution channels.

California Mar 15, 2017
How to Get The Most from Your POS System

The tasting room is a large part of many breweries but is often overlooked when presenting financial statements.  This talk describes the essential elements of solid hospitality accounting with an eye towards the effective implmentation of a POS system.  We also discuss the POS system lifecycle so you can see where you are been and where you need to go.

California Jul 20, 2017
COVID-19 Business Assistance Advice

Mary Brettmann, expert brewery financial advisor, discusses the economic situation that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has placed countless breweries and businesses in since the pandemic began.

California Apr 3, 2020
COVID-19 Survival Guide for Breweries

Mary Brettmann, expert brewery financial advisor, spoke at the Midwest Craft Brewers Conference about the economic situation that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has placed countless breweries and business

California May 14, 2020
Business Advice for the New (and not so new) Craft Brewer - 2019

Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine sponsors this annual workshop at which Mary Brettmann shared her presentation, Business Advice for the New (and not so new) Craft Brewer.

Colorado Mar 5, 2019
How to Read Financials Webinar

In my practice, I often see owners who have a lot of questions regarding their books and accounting in general.

North Carolina Oct 16, 2016


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